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About Me.

Born in 1986, living in Kil / Värmland, but was born in Brålanda / Dalsland.

My profession is Singer / Musician. Have Song as the main instrument but also plays electric bass,

Work as arranger/producer & songwriter.


"Sinatra Show - The Classics" Guests: Rigmor Gustafsson

"Rock `N Roll - Show/Pink Cadillac Band" Guests: Ingvar Karlsson, Linda Gail Lewis

"Simon & Garfunkel - Concert" - CECILIA


Went to Sundsta High School in Karlstad, focusing Music,
after that a did my military service as a Musician in the Army Drum Corps / Stockholm.
I finished in June - 2007 and since then I have worked as a freelance musician,

Substitute music teacher at music school in Kil, bassteacher on Sundsta High School and as percussion teachers in Forshaga.

Singer in ANDREAS JONSSON & The Pink Cadillac Band / Orchestra / Session Band & CECILIA,

"Kils Cafèorchestra", "Kils Big Band" & "Kils Parade Orchestra". Leader of Kils Drum Corps & Drum

Major of Kils Parade Orchestra

6 years at the music school of Kil (2000-06) - Electric Bass.
3 years at Sundsta-High School Music Program (2003-06) - Vocals / Electric Bass.
1 years at the Drum Corps in Stockholm (2006-07) - Vocals / Electric Bass / Bass drum.